Want an Assembly in your state?

We're here to help.

We've found that the biggest roadblock for bringing Assemblies to the US is: nobody's heard of them! Most legislators we've had the pleasure of speaking with have come out in support of Assemblies—they are a tried and true method that supplements our democracy and combats divisiveness. 

The issue is, "Climate Assembly" and "deliberative democracy" are words people simply aren't familiar with here. Most people support an Assembly if they know what it is; all it takes is a bit of advocacy and education. We need you to do the same in your state—and we want to make it easy for you!

Downloadable toolkit coming soon! 

Our toolkit includes:

  • how to develop your strategy,

  • how to contact your legislators, including template emails,

  • information about deliberative democracy and existing assemblies,

  • links to groups around the world that build and run deliberative processes,

  • and much more!

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