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Whether they are speaking to their lawmakers, or working to introduce the Citizens' Assembly concept into their community, deliberative democracy advocates often need ready resources to rely on without having to start from scratch. Below find resources from allied organizations and the media that explore Citizens' Assemblies in more detail. 

"Climate Assembly" and "deliberative democracy" are words people simply aren't familiar with here. Most people support an Assembly if they know what it is; all it takes is a bit of advocacy and education. Why not try to get one started in your state? Here are some resources that will help get you on your way.

Guides on Citizens' Assemblies:

Heading 6

Marcin Gerwin’s guide is a step-by-step presentation of how to organize a citizens’ assembly, with the primary focus on the city level. The guide is available in six different languages. 


Making democracies more inclusive requires bold and innovative reforms to bring the young, the poor, and minorities into the political system to start to address the crisis of political representation which sees people becoming less and less engaged. 


newDemocracy has developed a handbook on ‘Democracy Beyond Elections’ designed to show how nations at various levels of development can apply the principles of representation and deliberation in ways that are appropriate for their economic and educational circumstances.


Extinction Rebellion’s third demand calls on the government to create and be led by a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice.


This guide provides a general introduction to citizens’ assemblies. It explains what one is, how it works, and why the Extinction Rebellion believes one is needed. It also outlines the key steps in designing and running an assembly and presents some exciting examples of similar processes from around the globe.

Process of a Citizens’ Assembly:

​Framing an Assembly Question: 


On Participatory Democracy, and Environmental Decision-Making:

​Citizens' Assemblies around the world: 


Online Engagement During the Age of COVID-19:


​Organizations working on online deliberative processes: 

Wondering how many lawmakers really feel about climate legislation? 


Other Forms of Deliberative Democracy:

Citizens’ Juries:


Citizens’ Initiative Review:


Deliberative Polls:


People’s Assemblies:


How to advocate for a Citizens’ Assembly?

The Center for Climate Assemblies:


Film List: 

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