FAQ: What? Why? How?

Who gets to be in an Assembly?​

The members of the Climate Assembly are selected at random—sort of like a jury. These 200 people would represent the diversity of our state: different communities, ages, genders, political leanings, and careers.

Who runs the Assembly?​

Since Assemblies are transpartisan, collaborative efforts that involve people from all perspectives and walks of life, they must be run by independent, non-partisan groups that hold no sway in the topic at hand. There are a number of groups around the world that build and run assemblies—Sortition Foundation and Involve in the UK, and Healthy Democracy and Jefferson Center in the USA, to name a few. Those groups are in charge of randomly selecting and inviting residents, choosing them in a way that represents the demographics of the place. Climate Assembly US will not facilitate any assemblies.

Who is on the Advisory panel?

One of the first steps in building an Assembly is selecting an advisory panel, consisting of a handful of expert individuals on all sides of the issue at hand—scientists, educators, lawyers, politicians, activists, business owners—you name it. 

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