Climate Assemblies bypass the issues inherent in electoral politics: misrepresentation, advertising campaigns, political spin, etc. 

In the current topsy-turvy world of the coronavirus and massive dislocation, combined with serious challenges to the injustices in our society, change is in the air…but what will the changes bring? In uncertain times, there could be no better stabilizing influence than a serious effort to hear the Voice of the People. We are eager for communities around the nation to convene Climate Assemblies, so the informed will of constituents can be on politicians’ minds as they confront the changes needed to survive and thrive in our troubled waters.

Assemblies are a win-win: politicians benefit from hearing the true voice of the body politic, and the people have a chance to really be heard. Polling indicates that there is a much greater constituency for climate action than we have seen from our political leaders; perhaps a Climate Assembly is what’s needed to break through all the political noise.

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