Call for Proposals

To: Potential applicants


From: Climate Assembly Washington Initiating Team 


Dear organizations involved in group facilitation and democratic deliberation:


We invite your organization to consider serving as the Coordinating Team or part of the Coordinating Team to facilitate the first-ever “Citizens’ Climate Assembly” in the United States.  So-called “Citizens’ Assemblies” are a form of deliberative democracy that has been used with promising results around the world, and now we are preparing to hold an Assembly on Climate in Washington State.


Having been invited by 5 key Washington State House Committee chairs to create an assembly, we plan to gather “our state in miniature” into a deliberative forum to address and make recommendations about this complex issue disrupting our world. Assemblies are composed of a representative cross-section of residents, guided by professional facilitators, educated by experts, and exposed to multiple points of view about policy options from across the community. They are specifically designed to be unaffected by lobbyists, campaign donations, political parties, or other outside influences. For more information, see our one-page overview

For more details, please see the linked RFP. We encourage qualified applicants to submit a Letter of Intent to apply by July 31**, and full Proposals by August 14. 

**Please note that the Due Date for Letters of Intent has been extended to August 10th. 



What is a “Citizens' Assembly”*?


A Citizens' Assembly is a democratic process that seeks to answer a question or solve a problem facing a community in a way that fairly represents everyone’s interests. An Assembly is usually made up of about 100–500 people who live in a community and share a government. Participants are chosen by lottery to ensure they represent the makeup of that place in terms of age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, and neighborhood. These everyday people come together, online or in person, to learn the facts of the issue at hand, question a variety of experts and stakeholders, consider various responses, and discuss what they think should happen. Then, they offer recommendations to their elected officials and the wider public, which can be turned into laws.

A Climate Assembly, of course, is simply a Citizens' Assembly about climate change!


(*Please note that “Citizens” is a term of art that has become connected with this type of process, and that we in no way intend to exclude non-citizens. Everyone is impacted by climate change, and everyone needs to be consulted about and involved in the solution!)

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