People throughout the USA are asking their political leaders to endorse an assembly in their state in summer 2020. Check and see if there's one in your state—and push for it yourself! 


A group of activists in Washington has been working with local legislators to make a formal call for an Assembly. Stay tuned here for more updates!


A group of activists at The City Atlas have been working with city councilmembers to bring Assemblies to the city—and now potentially the state.


Don't see your state in the above list? Don't worry—it's not far away.


If you're interested in bringing an Assembly to your state, we can help. The first step lies in educating yourself on Assembly processes and identifying how and when an assembly can take place in your state or local community. Head over to our How it Works page to learn more.

Then, begin reaching out directly to your elected officials to educate them on Assembly processes and the potential for one in your community. If you need help on this, contact us and we would be happy to share our resources and experience used to work with our legislators! 

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